Frequently Asked Questions


What is Escape Class?

Escape Class is a service for spontaneous travellers to book mystery destinations at low fares. Book your return flight today, and Scoot off in 5 days!

How does Escape Class work?

It's a simple 3-step process:

  1. Choose your:
    1. destination group - how far do you want to go?
    2. departure date and return date – for the best rates, depart within 5 days! Return dates must be within 21 days of date of booking.
  2. Review and submit your request.
  3. If there is availability for your chosen dates, you will be notified instantly after payment, of which destination you were matched with for your dates, and receive your booking confirmation and itinerary via email.

Can I exclude destinations with Escape Class?

You can exclude a maximum of 5 routes for 10 SGD each. There must be a minimum of 3 destinations in each Zone remaining after exclusions.

How will you determine my final destination with Escape Class?

Once you have chosen your travel zone (including potential exclusions), the system will randomly pick a destination according to your dates and seat availabilities.

What is the price of a ticket with Escape Class?

The cost will depend on the destination zone and exclusions you might choose. Remember, you will only be charged if we find an itinerary which matches your request. There are 2 price options per Zone – one if you depart within 5 days from the date of booking, and one if you depart between 5 and 14 days from the date of booking.

Once the booking is confirmed, you cannot change or cancel your Escape Class booking. Flight dates and time may not be changed for Escape Class bookings. You may add on meals, bags and other ancillaries in “Manage My Booking” after booking.

Can I buy tickets for others with Escape Class?

You can buy tickets for up to 9 passengers, including yourself.

Why would I want to buy a ticket for an unknown destination?

Good question. Maybe you have a great sense of adventure. Maybe you hate travel planning or don’t have time for it. Perhaps you’re simply very spontaneous and love the idea of going somewhere unknown? Whatever the reason, we make sure you can do this at a great price with Escape Class.

What if I don't want to go where you send me?

Well, hopefully that's not the case! We know that every city has a lot to offer. We celebrate open mindedness, and encourage you to do the same. You might just fall in love with a place you knew nothing about.

I have kids. Can they come, too?

Yes! We love planning trips for families.

I have infants. Can they come, too?

Sorry, but we do not have infant fare available for this Class of seats yet.

What are the terms and conditions tied to Escape Class?

You can check the Terms and conditions of Escape Class service in the corresponding section.

Why is Escape Class not guaranteed? What does the confirmation depend on?

Escape Class is not guaranteed as it depends on seat availabilities for the destinations and/or dates chosen. However you will not be charged if we can’t find an itinerary for your chosen dates!

What's the difference between a standard booking and the Escape Class service?

The price of course! Escape Class allows you to fly to one of our destinations at an unbeatable price. A small reward for those brave enough to escape the ordinary!

Who provides this service?

This service is provided by Scoot and ChangeYourFlight SL. It can be requested on

Who is responsible for my travel visa?

You are! It’s your responsibility to ensure you have or obtain the necessary visa, if required for the countries in the Zone you have selected. Once you have received your confirmed itinerary after payment, please confirm you have the right visa. If you need to apply for one, please add on an e-Visa in "Manage My Booking"

How will you determine my final destination with Escape Class?

Once you have chosen your travel zone (including potential exclusions), the system will randomly pick a destination according to your dates and seat availabilities.

What if I can’t make that flight timing?

We hope you have cleared your day’s schedule when choosing your flight dates! Once your Escape Class flight is confirmed, you won’t be able to change the date/time. If you make this change via Manage My Booking, you will be charged flight date/time change fees and the fare difference.


How can Escape Class benefit me? Why should I buy an Escape Class ticket?

With Escape Class you can book a flight at a lower price, with the added surprise of a mystery destination.

Why pay so little for a booking?

Escape Class comes at a great price because it is last minute and subject to availability.


Is there a deadline for buying an Escape Class ticket?

You can purchase an Escape Class ticket from 1 day to 14 days in advance for your outbound. The return must be within 21 days of your purchase date.

Can I buy an Escape Class ticket for one way?

No, Escape class is available only for round trip tickets departing from Singapore.

Can I modify my Escape Class ticket?

Yes you can make modifications in “Manage My Booking”, however standard change fees will apply and you will need to top up for the fare difference. The low fares from Escape Class will no longer apply once a change is made to the booking date, time or destination.

Can I cancel my Escape Class ticket?

No, tickets are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled.

What happens if my Escape Class booking is accepted?

If we find a match, you will be informed of your destination after payment and receive an email with your booking confirmation and itinerary.

What happens if my Escape Class booking is declined?

If your request is declined, you will be informed through the website and you will not be charged. You can try again with other with other zones or dates!

Can I do a new Escape Class booking after it was declined?

Yes, we encourage you to try again with new zones or dates.

When do I pay?

Payment is finalized only if we find availability for your destination and dates, and you have agreed to our Term & Conditions and Fare Rules.

When will I know if my Escape Class booking is accepted or declined?

You'll be notified after completing payment on the website. Please remember that you will be charged only if the booking is confirmed.

Can I purchase extras (seat/meal/luggage)?

Once your booking is confirmed, you will be able to buy extras through Manage my booking or M.A.R.V.I.E.


Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees whatsoever. The service you get is the only service you pay for. The full price is the one indicated when you submit the request. If your request is rejected, you don't pay anything at all. Please note that credit card and other payment method fees still apply.

Are my payment details stored safely?

Yes, your payment details are stored safely at all times according to the international payment standards and laws that prevail.
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